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Herns for Gvanca escort wrote:
* An ex? Are they still in love with that ex? -no feelings for exes from my side, and from his to my knowledge. But my previous relationship was so abusive, that it makes me guarded see the review
Samsonite for Qingzhi escort wrote:
Originally Posted by empresario see the review
Rufus for Rosalie escort wrote:
If I understand. see the review
Lavalle for Jia Xin escort wrote:
In business, and I found the same thing in my relationships...when there's a problem you have to keep asking 'why is it a problem' and 'what is the real problem' until it boils down to a noun see the review
Irani for Chiagorom escort wrote:
You can't solve a problem, statistically, until you ask why at least 5 times. You end up sounding like a toddler in a car aiming to annoy their parent...but it does work see the review
Countersmile for Naru escort wrote:
You are describing a base-line problem. You need to figure out what the REAL issue is that causes the miscommunication see the review
Sharks for Zayfon Orawan escort wrote:
Having been participating in "happy events" with him however, do not make me happy, or build memories as he says. I need proper deep communication, in which I can also raise my concerns with him see the review
Cherylm for Jayaram escort wrote:
I've been finally able to communicate my concerns related to our relationship with my bf (issues are mainly related to spending too much money and also too little time in my house), but probably because I sugar coated the talk, his response was "But it has been working as it is so far. I never though there was an issue". He also appeared a little frustrated after our conversation see the review
Underglow for Tsgereda escort wrote:
In that sense: shall I just keep quiet for a while to let him process? Or remind him after some time about our conversation, and be more direct? Or actively start changing the things that I don't like if the communication doesn't work? see the review
Erase for Alexinsofia escort wrote:
I was listening to this really interesting shrink on radio. He said people think that communicating is about talking and expressing frustrations, it's not, it's about listening really listening. Most of the time we speak up then while the other person is replying we don't offer our full attention we're already working on our next reply see the review
Juicers for Anu Yjin escort wrote:
People also think that if you've communicated successfully than their partner will agree with them. Wrong see the review
Radcliff for Kranruthai escort wrote:
Your boyfriend heard you. He also told you he is happy just the way things are. Have you listened? Is your idea of communication is to convince him to think like you? If you want a compromise than flat out ask for one. Honey! I miss being in my home I want at least 2 night out of the week at my place. Done! see the review
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