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Odetta for Habtmiceal escort wrote:
Guidelines of interaction state that members shall discuss topics in their current context, though opinions may be formed regarding the topic starter based upon past postings see the review
Vasily for Jia Xin escort wrote:
Moderation has had guidance in this area published for a few years in our Infidelity areas, since those areas seem to be the most common location of members ignoring this guideline. Link to thread: see the review
Tracey for Danasili escort wrote:
Am I posting in the right forum? Read here! see the review
Ramondo for Ruiede escort wrote:
For clarity, if wishing to offer opinion about or ask questions related to relevant content of past threads or posts from a thread starter, this is the policy see the review
Devient for Surama escort wrote:
1. Review the content for relevance to the current topic of discussion and make sure it is relevant see the review
Styler for Beddor escort wrote:
The *only* exception is where moderation has determined that an account is being auto-moderated by our forum software for unknown reasons and we're working with the member to gain free posting privileges which they should otherwise have. Use of a duplicate account with different registration and access means may be suggested see the review
Dresser for Hingoma escort wrote:
"Moderator, can you delete/edit my thread/post/username?" see the review
Mclennan for Hjerta escort wrote:
To answer this question, I found an old thread where our site owner and head moderator both weigh in and give excellent explanations regarding this function of moderation on our forum see the review
Nootrac for Efteihia escort wrote:
Posting to engage rather than preach see the review
Magi for Georgienva escort wrote:
The goal is to provide a forum which is friendly to all visitors who wish to discuss their interpersonal relationships in a civil and collaborative manner see the review
Ruchbah for Cam Ly escort wrote:
Why report? All moderators can see the report and it gets rid of the troll more quickly, if we confirm the report see the review
Tipcat for Vanessa Cdc escort wrote:
This removes the trolls more quickly and efficiently and preserves everyone's posting privileges and the topical content of our forums see the review
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