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Comedy for Rafal escort wrote:
Either way the simple truth is, every time you go back to her, you're asking for this to happen. She's psychotic. Get rid of her see the review
Murray for Melodina escort wrote:
You let your ex punch the fk out of you for 5 or 6 minutes see the review
Lillie for Thitirat escort wrote:
Why do PEOPLE treat you this way? see the review
Entrepots for Ange Odette escort wrote:
If you're regularly getting beat up by PEOPLE, you need to figure out what you're doing to trigger the violence and stop doing it see the review
Tylosis for Supasiri escort wrote:
So, she's drunk and pregnant? see the review
Jaguar for Shanthi escort wrote:
I was gonna say, isn't this woman pregnant with your child? see the review
Orangery for Zeivy escort wrote:
God damn get some counseling see the review
Atlanta for Chananthit escort wrote:
As I shared, I never dated again. That was back in 2010. I think I posted about it at the time, can't remember see the review
Soldati for Caroline Sofie escort wrote:
I think you could message again or leave her open with you if you are so intrigued. My friend is now together with a guy she initially ignored via online and he tried again, felt there was something really special about her & they are very serious now. Good luck! see the review
Intruders for Monika Irene escort wrote:
She's not a scammer , did some checking see the review
Crissey for Aneela escort wrote:
As a general rule women get a lot more attention than men on date sites, so, even though you don't think many guys would be interested in her, you've got plenty of competition and it's very possible that she was already chatting to one or more other people. Or maybe there was something in your message she didn't like? If you're willing to risk your ego a second time, go ahead and message her again see the review
Finglas for Terzi escort wrote:
It’s not easy see the review
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