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Radames for Mnna escort wrote:
Because I'm interested in what other women's opinions are about men who sport sideburns. It's not something you see every day see the review
Hokypoky for Al Muntaha escort wrote:
Originally Posted by RecentChange see the review
Brandyn for Srisunan escort wrote:
You see that's the thing, I actually do think he suits them and they look nice see the review
Nicholas for Eisraa escort wrote:
Might have been all the rage in Wyatt Earps era, but I think it looks silly now see the review
Hushed for Girlin escort wrote:
I only like a man to be clean-shaven. However, I don't mind the groomed sideburns that Elvis Presley sported in his earlier years see the review
Marlings for Asma escort wrote:
But I don't like the length he had them in his later years: see the review
Hiromi for Gang escort wrote:
That length is not my cup of tea see the review
Frivolous for Reenal escort wrote:
Do you think that some men are still able to pull them off? I admit that it does come across as rather peculiar in this day and age, like I said in my first post, I can't recall the last I saw someone with sideburns apart from the guy I'm going on a date with. Nevertheless, I think he looks fine with them see the review
Carlesp for Amadina escort wrote:
I'm not a fan of facial hair in general, but it's not a deal-breaker. I would prefer a shorter sideburn, nothing extending down too low, and hair kept short and neat. Again, I don't know that it would be a deal-breaker see the review
Jubilee for Annelie Christina escort wrote:
If by "fooling around a little bit" you mean you already gave him head, then no, his comment isn't that inappropriate. He's just saying he wants to film what you've already done. If you want to avoid comments and situations like that then don't blow the guy on the first date see the review
Raphe for Anna Krista escort wrote:
If you mean something way less then that, then yes, he's being a little forward and weird see the review
Lyonnais for Yassen escort wrote:
So are you interested or not? see the review
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